NameSymon Tuttle10,1
Birthabout 1560, Ringstead, Northhampton, England
Death6-15-1630, Ringstead, North Mapton, England Age: 70
Burial6-15-1630, Ringstead, North Mapton, England
FatherRichard Tuttle (~1530-<1589)
MotherElizabeth Lyncoln (~1534-~1590)
Birth1565, Ringstead, Northampton, England10
Deathafter 1635, MA10 Age: 70
Marriage1592, Ringstead, Northampton, England10
ChildrenRichard (1593-1640)
 Thomas (1594-<1627)
 John (1596-1656)
 Simon (1596-1640)
 William (1607-1673)
Notes for Symon Tuttle
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Tree Name: Tuttle, Clark, Strickland of England, CT 1013-1995
Tree Number: 6093
Tree Submission Date: Aug. 27, 19951

“About 1592 when Symon was 32 , he married Isabael Wells, in Ringstead, born about 1565 in Ringstead, daughter of John Wells10 (This doesn’t agree with family tree maker)

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Simon (Symon) Tuttle (Tuttell, Tootell) of Ringstead, Northamptonshire, England was born about 1560, the son of Richard Tootill of Woodford, Northamptonshire, and probably grandson of Thomas Totehyll also of Woodford. He married Isabel Wells, the daughter of John Wells, and he died was buried at Ringstead June 15, 1630. Simon was mentioned in his father's will in 1589 and in that of his father-in-law, John Wells in 1618. His own will, dated December 19, 1627 was proved at Northampton, and names five sons: Richard, John "my second sonne", Thomas (who was deceased when will was drawn), Simon and William. Simon's will reads:
In the Name of God Amen The nyneteeneth Day of December in the yeare of our Lord god one thousand six hundred twentie seaven I Symon Tuttell of Ringsted in the Countie of Northton yeoman strong in minde and of good and pfect memory thanks and praise be to allmighty god and weighing and considering the frailety of mans life and the uncertainty of this world doe make and ordayne this my psent Testamt contayning therein my last will in mann[er] and forme as followeth that ys to say ffirst I [c]om[m]end and com[m]itt my soule into the hands of Allmighty god Creator assuredly believing through the onely meritte of Jesus Christe my saviour to be made ptaker of Everlasting life And my body I comitt to the earth from whence it came to be buried [torn] Christon burialls at the discrecion of my Executrix hereafter named, hopeing assuredly to receive the same again at the gene[ral] resurreccion not a mortall but an immortall and glorious body.

And now as concerning those lands and goodes wch god of his goodness hath lent me I give and bequeath unto Isabell my wife All that moytie or prcell of land meadows and com[m]ons wth theire and each of theire appurtenances wch ys due to me out of the land formerly [?] conveyed to my Edlest sonne Richard and the house messuages or ten[emen]ts wherein I now dwell together with all the houses yards lands meadows pastures com[m]ons comodities and appurtenances whatsoever thereunto belonging or in any wise appurteyning and also All those landes meadows and comons wth thappurtances wch I lately had an purchased of Thomas Holding Edward Asin [?] al[ia]s James, and of Will[ia]m Sillyman and of each of them To ahve and to hold the same for and during the terme of her naturall life and after the naturall death of decease of y saide wyfe I give and bequeath all and singular the said mentioned lands and premisses wth their and each of their appurtenances unto Will[ia]m Tuttell my youngest sonne to have and to holde the same unto the saide Will[ia]m Tuttell and to the heirs of his Body Lawfully to be begotten, and for want of such yssue to the second sonne of my sonne Richard and to his heirs for ever

Itm I give and bequeath unto John Tuttle my second sonne all that dwelling house wherein Mr Wrothfall now dwelleth wth all the houses thereunto belonging and the yarde and orchard thereunto adjoyning, and sometyme in the tenure or occupason of John White to have and to hold the same unto the saide John Tuttell and to his heirs and assignes for ever Itm I give and bequeath unto Isabel my said wyfe the one halfe [torn] that meadow wch I lately purchased of Joane Bateman wydow to have And to hold the same for and during her naturall life, And I give and bequeath the other Mytie or half of the same meadowe to my sonne Will[ia]m to enter [there] upon ymmediately after my decease, and I likewise give and bequeath unto my said sonne Will[ia]m the other Moytie of the same meadow to enter thereuppon after the naturall decease of my said wyfe to have and to hold the same unto him the said Will[ia]m and to the heires of his bodye lawfully to be begotten, so as he my said sonne [re]linquishes the twentie poundes given to him by his grandfather John Welles in and by his last will and testamet and the fyve pounds wch fell to him by the death of his brother Thomas Tuttell and for want of such issue of the body of the said Will[ia]m I give and bequeath the same meadowe unto the eldest sonne of my said sonne Richard and to his heirs for ever and I doe gie to my sonne Richard [illegible] halfe [illegible] the lord mordant [?] on both sides of it.

Itm I give to my sone John and his heirs for ever one dole of meadow [of?] forty foote in same which I purchased of Eusache Morton Thomas Ekins [?]. Itm I give to my sunn John his Daugher Abigaill fiue pounds at the age of fifteene years: Itm I give and bequeath unto the poore of Ringsted aforesaid xxs. to be distributed amongst the poorest sorte at the discreson of the minister and churchwardens. Itm I give to my godchildren xxs. apeece. Itm I give to my sonne Will[ia]m my best bedsted wth the bedding and furniture thereunto belonging, or therewith usd, the table in the hall wth the frame, halfe a duzzen of framd stooles, the yron barres on the chimneys wth the hookes and hangings the bed whereon he lyeth my best brasse pan my best brasse pott, my mault mill as now yt standeth, my bolting [twine and yeelding?] fatt, the barr of yron and the package [?], and I will that all my sheepe be equally devided betweene my said wife and my said sonne Will[ia]m wth the increase thereof so long as he keepeth himselfe unmarried. Itm I give and bequeath unto my said sonne Richard and to his heirs for ever one acre of leyes wch I purchased of Mr Carier, and half a dusson sheep. Itm I forgive [missing] my said sonne John thirtie pounds. Itm I give more unto my said sonne Will[ia]m my great cubbord in the [missing] the greater chest, two of the biggest chaires, and the chest that standeth by the bedsted. Itm I give untomy grand [childre]n xxs. a peece Divided allwaies And I will that all the said Movable goods herein given to my sonne Will[ia]m carefully to apply and husband his mothers business to the best of his power in [missing] of the person herein bequeathed pformed and my funeral expenses discharged. I give & bequeath unto Isabel my said wife [missing] and to be executrix of this my psent testamt and for the better execuson thereof I order [missing] them supervisores thereof and [missing]s. apeece [missing] and seal the day and year above written.

Also an addition has been squeezed in the will in a finer penmanship, obviously made by a different scribe at a later date (Abigail was born about two years before Simon's will was proved in 1630) leaves "to my sunn John, his daughter Abigail, five pounds at the age of fifteene years."

The will was signed by Simon T...., the rest of the surname and the date of probation being too fragmentary to transcribe. "Hale, House" [Jacobus] states that Simon Tuttle was buried 15 Jun 1630 at Ringstead and that his will was probated in 1630.

His widow, Isabel accompanied her sons, William, John and Richard on the Planter in 1635, but no record of her has been seen in this country, and probably she did not long survive.10
Notes for Isabel (Spouse 1)
Isabell Wells (Tuttle) is on passenger list of the Planter in 1635
Check clip board for Alice Gooch “wife of symon Tuttle” according to family tree maker(which I think is mistaken). Isabel Wells in named as Symon’s wife in his will
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