NameHannah West 14
Birth4-28-1819, Brown Co, Ohio
Death5-15-1890, Lyon Twp., Geary Co., KS Age: 71
BurialWreford Cem, Geary Co. KS14
FatherRobert West (1775-1848)
MotherHenrietta Fairfax (1776-1854)
Birth4-22-1820, Green Twp., Fayette Co., Ohio
Death6-19-1901, Lyon Township,Geary Co., KS Age: 81
BurialWreford Cem, Geary Co. KS
FatherSamuel Edwards (-1839)
MotherMary Ann Roberts (1792-1876)
Marriage8-30-1846, Clinton Co Ohio14
ChildrenJohn West (Link) (1858-1926)
 Marietta (1847-)
 Melissa (1848-)
 Norman Franklin (1852-1916)
 Oliver Cromwell (1851-)
 Eliza (1854-1928)
 Sarah Ann (1856-)
 Hannah Ella "Ella" (1860-1945)
FatherGeorge Bonecutter (1786-)
Marriage3-31-1838, Clinton Co Ohio
Notes for Hannah West
married 8 years to Martin Bonecutter14

May 15, 1890 Lyon Twp., Geary County, Kansas: Hannah Edwards passed away at her home. Funeral services were conducted on Saturday by Rev. J.T. Mayor of Junction City. Burial was at the Morris Cemetery in Wreford.
Notes for Elisha (Spouse 1)
Civil War Veteran

August 26, 1844: Daniel F. Edwards et al quit claim 100 acres to Elisha Edwards for the sum of $20. Listed are Daniel F. Edwards and Caroline his wife, Nathan Hans and Sarah his wife, Elias Edwards and Samantha his wife, Isaiah Edwards and Elinor his wife, and Enoch Edwards.

October 26, 1844: Enoch and Elias Edwards quit claim 20 acres to Elisha Edwards for the sum of $100.

November 20, 1848: Elisha Edwards paid $635 for John and Margaret Stackey of Fayette Co., Ohio for 62 1/2 acres on the waters of Sugar Creek, part of Benj. Temple survey No. 896.

August 17, 1849: Elisha Edwards and Hannah his wife, Silas Edwards and Elisa his wife, Tilman Wright and Eliza his wife, all of Fayette Co., Ohio quit claim 9/13 or 92 /13 acres for the sum of $400 to Nathaniel Edwards.

1850 Federal Census for Ohio, Fayette Co., Concord Twp. lists Elisha Edwards, age 30, engaged in farming. Also listed are Hannah, age 31, Marietta, age 3, Melissa, age 2.

1863 Davis Co., Kansas: The Edwards family left Ohio near Centerville for Kansas. They traveled by train, stopping at Cincinnati and St. Louis and Atchison. They disembarked in a cornfield across the river from Atchison, taking a skiff across a path in the frozen river. They traveled with E.N. Church and his new bride, and the Butterfield family. As there was only one wagon carrying the goods, they took turns riding. Mr. Church, his wife Marietta and Melissa Edwards and Mr. Butterfield walked most of the way. They left Atchison Monday morning and arrived in Junction City Friday evening. They rented the N.S. Gilbert farm and stayed there two years.

June 1, 2, and 3, 1865: The Kansas State Census for Davis Co., Kansas shows Elisha Edwards, age 45, engaged in farming with a real estate value of 330 and a personal value of 573. Also listed were: Hannah age 46, housewife, Melissa, age 16, common school teacher, Oliver, age 14, Norman, age 12, Eliza, age 10, Sarah A., age 8, John W., age 6, and Hannah E., age 4.

December 4, 1866, Davis Co., Kansas: Elisha Edwards paid the sum of $600 to John Cook for the Northwest 1/2 S2T13R5, 163 acres.

December 16, 1870: Federal Census for Kansas, Davis, Co., Junction City lists Elisha Edwards, age 50, engaged in farming with a real estate value of 5000 and a personal value of 2500. Also listed are Hannah, age 51, Oliver C. age 20, Norman F., age 18, Eliza, age 16, Sarah A., age 14, John, age 12, Hannah, age 10. Also living with the family was Tidsdale Verdun, age 25, listed as a farm laborer.

1871 Davis Co., Kansas: The Edwards Children take music lessons from Mr. and Mrs. Anne E. Bingham of Junction City, Kansas.

March 1, 1875: The Kansas Census for Smokey Hill Twp., Davis Co., Kansas shows Elisha Edwards, age 55 engaged in farming with a real estate value of 4000 and a personal value of 500. Also listed were Hannah, age 56, Oliver C., age 24, Norman F., age 22, John W., age 16, Marietta Palmer, age 28, Melissa Parker, age 26, Eliza Murphy, age 21, Sarah A Shearer, age 19, Elmira (?), age 14. Listed as a laborer is Soloman Summer, age 26.

February 1890, Geary Co., Kansas: “Uncle Elisha Edwards of Lyons Creek has trapped so far this winter 5 coyotes, 40 skunks, 24 hawks, 2 coons, 4 opossums, and 2 wildcats. One of the wildcats weighed 34 lb. and Mr. Edwards thinks it is the largest ever captured in this county.”

June 19, 1901: Elisha Edwards passed away. He was survived by Oliver C. Edwards, Norman F. Edwards, John W. Edwards, Sarah A. Shearer nee Edwards, Eliza Murphy nee Edwards, Elmira Hassler nee Edwards and Marietta Palmer nee Edwards.
Notes for Martin & Hannah (Family)
first husband of Hanna West
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